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The fact is that successful branding is from the Inside-Out! For all of us at Monkeypod Media, our success in helping build our various clients’ brand has not been with the simple development of a logo, and an attractive and optimized web site. In fact, developing a successful brand begins from an understanding that successful branding is being able to deliver on what you promise.

Successful branding is a long term effort that requires not only a full understanding of what makes your company’s service or product unique from that of your competitions but a commitment to deliver that uniqueness as promised.

Therefore, successful branding is knowing what you can promise that is unique and setting in place structures, plans, policies and procedures that will help insure that your customers receive just what you promised. Thus delivering  the promise from the Inside-Out!

Monkeypod Media has been helping local, regional and national brands better understand the difference between just advertising and effective brand marketing. We have a proven track record of providing better and more successful returns on our clients marketing investments.

Services included in our branding efforts include:

  • Facilitating a Strategic Planning and Brand development effort.
  • Developing an effective business plan and/or marketing plan and budget.
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Review and development of pricing and promoting new products and services
  • Help in reviewing and development of processes, policies and procedures.
  • Development of tracking mechanisms to help measure the return on investment.
  • Ongoing support and management execution if needed.
  • And of course, logo design, graphic and web design and marketing, social media management, media buying and placement and more.
Whether it’s planning to move a location, open a new location, introduce a new product or just plan to position the business to better compete, having the right information is crucial to any successful plan, product introduction or repositioning of a company or product. Monkeypod Media can help in gathering all the needed information you need to make the right decision.
  • Employee Attitude Surveys
  • Customer and Consumer Surveys
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Product Stratification Analysis
  • Competitive Pricing Analysis
  • And more
Business and Management Consulting In today’s electronically filled world, one of the most important areas of making your business successful is how successful you become in your marketing efforts. Today we not only have to ask what we are getting out of our marketing investment but what money we are leaving on the table by not taking it seriously. Monkeypod Media provides a solution based approach that takes into consideration all of the brand marketing elements that must be in sync with one another to successfully deliver on the company’s brand promise. Whether introducing a new product, repositioning for growth or developing new strategies to better compete, Monkeypod Media has a long, proven track record to provide creative ideas that will provide success. CONSULTING SOLUTIONS INCLUDE:
  • Introducing a new product
  • Starting a new business
  • Repositioning a business or organization for growth
  • Repricing current products and informing your customers.
  • Increasing sales and lead generation
  • CRM Management and more.
Once a brand or service promise is developed and included as part of a company’s or organizations branding efforts it is up to the staff to be able to deliver. Monkeypod Media can develop and facilitate internal training that will help the company to be on the same page before the promise is delivered to the public. This could include simple training as answering the telephone, to listening and communications skills to identifying individual skills and personality traits to help your employees better understand and communicate with one another and your customers. We are also available to help walk companies and organizations through the following:
  • trategic Planning Process
  • Develop structure and solutions for acquisitions or following an acquisition.
  • Plan and execute Special events
Having an effective web site, newspaper ad, brochure or direct mail campaign comes from a full understanding of who or what we are targeting and then providing just the right graphics elements to make it stand out and be seen by the audience you have targeted. Don’t settle for just any piece of artwork. Make your designs and advertising pieces get recognized. Whether you are looking for the uniqueness of hand drawn line art, enhanced computer graphics to animation you can find it all here.
While advertising is a part of a company’s marketing efforts we know that for many people the two words are synonymous. However, we recognize that advertising is a large part of any companies marketing and sales plans. In developing a marketing or advertising plan we always start at the same place;
  1. Who is it we are trying to reach?( Audience)
  2. What is our offer? ( Is it as good as others)
  3. What makes us unique? (Our Brand)
  4. How easy is it to get?( Delivery System)
  5. How many do we need to sell to break even?
Most businesses and ad agencies forget the last part, but the solutions that we develop at Monkeypod Media initially focus on getting our initial investment back. If we can introduce our product or service, bring in enough business to get our investment back, then our first step has been a successful one because, for the most part, we learned, told people about our product, sold our product and it really didn’t cost us anything. Of course, as time goes on there has to be a higher return but when starting out we understand how important it is in getting those dollars back to re-invest in the next effort- which should show higher returns. Successful Media Buying: In any offering, one of the most difficult challenges is in choosing the right media to reach your target audience. Focusing on the primary and secondary target audiences provides the information we need to combine with our knowledge and annual purchase of media to put your message on the right combinations of media that includes, Television, Radio, Print, as well as digital media such as your web site, social media and even negotiating opportunities for digital networking. Television
  1. Draw the viewer in
  2. Make sure they know who you are
  3. Sell them on the benefits of you or your product or service
  4. Tell them how to make a purchase
And like any other kind of advertising, a good television spot uses the medium to its best advantage. In this case, that means sound and images that move. A TV spot that doesn't use sound is always a waste of money (what happens if the viewer steps into the next room, or doesn't read quickly enough?). A good TV spot should tap into the emotions of the viewer in conveying the benefits of the product or service. Again, it can tie in to print or radio ads, but needs a unique approach to maximize your investment. Network or cable? Wednesday evening or Saturday morning? Who's watching, and when? For more on media planning, return to our main Advertising page in this web site. Radio Like print advertising, an effective radio spot will:
  1. Draw the listener in
  2. Make sure they know who you are
  3. Sell them on the benefits of you or your product or service
  4. Tell them how to make a purchase
But good radio is far more than an announcer reading the copy from a print ad. While a radio spot might well build on the basic theme of a print campaign, its unique feature is the ability to use sound to create a picture in the mind of the listener. Imagine hearing the sound of ice tinkling in a glass, tires screeching on pavement or glass breaking, and you begin to understand the true power of radio. Radio uses sound in this way to create a scenario which illustrates the benefits of your product or service. Often incorporating humor as well, an effective radio spot can even become favorite listening for a radio audience. Once you have a spot that sells, whether a 30- or 60-second commercial, you still need to schedule it for maximum impact. For more on media planning, return to our main Advertising page in this web site.
As stated earlier, there are many facets of the marketing spectrum. Unfortunately for business today, there is a great deal of confusion as to what marketing really is. Whether it is sales, research, advertising, specialties or training, everyone wants to attach the word marketing to what they do and who they are. Hopefully, most people know that marketing encompasses all these areas and much more. Let Monkeypod Media show you how successful an approach can be when all of these elements are put into one focused effort. Logo / ID Who are you? What does your company do? Is it expensive, exclusive, technical? Whatever your business, the development of your logo is crucial from the start. Monkeypod Media has developed hundreds of logos for manufacturers, financial institutions, malls, churches, healthcare organizations and many more. Making sure that your logo not only identifies you and what you do, care also needs to be taken in using the right paper stock, the right color combinations. Additionally, care needs to be taken to prepare your ID for all types of media use from simple letterhead and business cads to something that could also work on television and on the Internet. Plan / Analysis We not only prepare the plan, either independently or in conjunction with your own marketing people, but also assist you in putting the plan into motion and monitoring its progress. The marketing plan encompasses many of the other areas in which we provide services, including research and analysis, media planning, budgeting, pricing and much more. We can help you find out who your customers are (and your non-customers as well), how your markets are growing or changing, how your competition is doing, and what consumers say they want in terms of products, pricing, service, image and more. Public Relations Controlling public perceptions about your business is a difficult and demanding task, but one that is absolutely essential to your success. We can handle the public relations chores for you, enhancing the image presented in your marketing programs through communications with the various media and the general public. Research / Product Development We often conduct one or more focus groups to obtain a direction for research and to determine some of the issues and concerns which need to be included. Next we design surveys to identify consumer needs, priorities, purchase motivation, perceptions of you and your competitors, and so on. We also design the survey to gain the maximum response rate. Finally, we gather and analyze the data, giving you information upon which to base future strategies. The strength of your business lies largely in your ability to offer the products and services demanded by a changing marketplace, at a price that is both competitive for the customer and profitable for you. We can help you objectively evaluate your present product / service offerings as they compare to consumers' needs. We can then give you our recommendations for expanding your present roster of services to increase income, based on our consumer research and profitability studies.
How do you get your web site to “Pop?” To stand out and be remembered by all those that you compete with? You begin by calling The Marketing Company. Using our twenty plus years in graphic design as well as planning, we can help you develop a site that will be easy to navigate, fun to use and keep people coming back. No matter what you are looking for in the way of E-Commerce, Monkeypod Media  can help you develop a site that gets attention and makes things happen.
  • Animation
  • Streaming
  • Interactive
  • Data Base Overlay
  • Everything written in Raw HTML
  • Internet Marketing
  • And more